Digital Voice Recording, Digital Voice Logging, and Retreval Systems


The FAQ's are divided into four areas: 

Why buy an RPT SCL 8900?

How does the SCL 8900 Voice Logger work?

What are the accessories available for the SCL 8900?

Why buy an RPT  VT 7700 Voice Tracker?


Why Buy an RPT Simple Computer Logger?

The SCL is made by a company with 35 years of experience in voice logging. 

No other machine offers 175, 86, or 57 days of conversations on an 80 GB hard drive for 9, 18, or 27 channels, respectively.

No other machine has absolutely secure voice files.  Many record in Mpeg3 / ADPCM. 

Do you want to have your grandkids playing your voice files on their mpeg 3 players?

Other loggers formats, such as Mpeg3 are not HIPAA complient. (security).

RPT offers network playback.

RPT offers factory personnel for on site training and installation assistance.

Backups, if you desire, done automatically to an 80 cents DVD-R disc.

One DVD-R backup disc will hold 9 days of recording (9ch).  Remember those are continuous audio recordings....all the audio, all the time.

That's 8.8 Cents per day to keep ALL of your conversations  FOREVER !!!!!

RPT has 100's of installed recorders throughout the world.  Recorders are all we make!

Its a standard WinXP Pro can service / modify.

One year Warranty, and 90 days of technical / training assistance.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) direct recording for any VOIP system.


How does the SCL 8900 Work?

Every 5 minutes for every channel,  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a file is written to the hard drive containing all the continuous audio.  So, the machine knows it will have only about 3,000 files per day (9 channel machine) regardless of the number of calls that are made to the center! Each file is only 169KB, amazing!  So each day is about 450MB!   Very small for ALL the audio.

Playback  from the hard disc or from backup DVD-R's use the standard WindowsR, "look in" and WindowsR / ExplorerR file system to play calls.

An "Events Screen" is presented showing line items of voice activity, and special account numbers like StartelR customer account numbers and TelescanR customer account numbers. 

Also  SMDR (Station Message Detail Report)  information from the telephone PBX such as; caller ID, outbound DTMF digits, telephone line and telephone station information is presented and archived on the SCL 8900 Logger. 

To Play a call, highlight one line item and begin to continuously listen from that point forward.  Or use vox playback and listen to just the line items presented.  Very simple.

The SCL uses a Standard Windows XP professional Computer

Since the SCL uses  a standard computer, the owner can add to the machine any enhancements desired,  or RPT will customize a machine for the end user.  Add anything: raids, mirrored hard drives, dual DVD-R's, network connections, email compression programs, KVM's,  etc. etc.

Also, Since the SCL uses a standard computer, the end user can take care of repairs and maintenance or purchase maintenance agreements, beyond the warranty period from RPT, rather inexpensively priced,  with guaranteed technology updates.

The RPT  "logical drive" back up system uses industry standard back up programs from companies like Easy CD Creator, Veritas, and others.   The back up system is standard and is supplied with the SCL 8900 to facilitate the use of  "cheap" consumer backup discs.  (Ever ask your grandkids how many cd's they make a day?). 


What Are the Accessories Available For the SCL 8900 ?

RPT factory personnel on Site for installation assistance and operator training.

RPT factory yearly maintenance agreements.

RPT factory SCL technology updates.

RPT factory telephone technician training / assistant agreements.

VOIP Direct Recording

Beep tone for each channel giving "notification" of the recording.

RPT or 3rd party digital to analogue "instrument" audio converters for each phone.

RPT  "T1 line" recording adaptor, with "D" channel information recording.

RPT, 3rd party SMDR (Station Message Detail Report) for the on site PBX,  giving caller   ID, and many other phone system management reports.  Archived on the SCL 8900.

RPT, 3rd party telephone line data gathering system (where SMDR is not available), to build an information data base of telephone history. Archived on the SCL 8900.

And any new fangled gaget that you can think of to connect to the SCL 8900!!


Why Buy an RPT  VT 7700 Voice Tracker?

I Can't afford the SCL 8900, regular 9, 18, or 27 channel machine.

I Have only two signal sources to record.

I need a quick to install, cheap, and "it just works" recorder.

I can install it myself, (or my Grandson can).

Record / Play Tek has been building these for years and has 100's installed.

RPT will help me install it over the phone, and train me over the phone.

The Voice Trackertm is a simple one screen, no frills logger.

They are available quickly from RPT's stock.  I'll call them.