Digital Voice Recording, Digital Voice Logging, and Retreval Systems

Past Products

8800 Voice Logging Tape RecorderThe 8800 Voice Logging Tape Recorder; Continuous, Digital, VHS.
The 8800 was a 10, 20 or 30 channel VHS cartridge based tape recorder, recording continuously for 24 hours on three standard VHS recorders. The 8800 had remarkable audio quality and superior ease of operation, before Digital Computer Loggers became pratical. Still many in use and still supported by RPT.

6800 Dual Cassette Voice LoggeThe 6800 Dual Cassette Voice Logger
The 6800 was manufactured to record and playback with quality audio, two channels of radio and telephone  per each cassette.  A simple solution when "Cassettes were King". The US Federal Government still has 100's of 6800's in use every day. Still maintained and serviced by RPT, Bristol.

7870 Voice Logging Tape RecorderThe 7870 Voice Logging Tape Recorder
The 7870 was an 8 channel reel to reel tape recorder,  that recorded continuously for 24 hours or 63 hours (a complete weekend) on 1/4 inch tape.  The 7870 provided superior audio quality with simplicty, at a very affordable price.  A simple solution for 25 years!  Many 7870 machines are in use today, and RPT still provides factory service and parts availability!