Digital Voice Recording, Digital Voice Logging, and Retreval Systems


SCL 8900 - Digital Voice Logging SystemSCL 8900 SIMPLE COMPUTER LOGGER

  • 175 Days of voice history on the hard drive for 9 channels.  18,  27 channels available.
  • Record phone lines, phone instruments, radios, scanners, room mics, T-1's and any kind of audio, continuously.
  • Windows XP Pro.
  • Integrate into your current LAN/WAN and play conversations from anywhere in the world.
  • Very simple screens and operation, with instant recall of "just occured" events. 
  • Serviced by any computer technician of your choice or by RPT in Bristol.
  • Easy telco "66 block punch down" for telephone and radio 2 or 4 wire interface.
  • CDR or DVDR backups done automatically, using 80 Cent consumer DVDR's.
  • RPT factory people available for on site installation assistance and training.
  • All voice cards and software designs completely owned and made by RPT.
  • Many optional accessories to integrate SMDR (Station Message Detail Reports) phone information, Startelr, Telescanr account codes, beep tones,  or caller ID with the SCL 8900 Voice Logger.
  • Order factory direct or from an RPT franchised distributor or dealer.

VT 7700 - Digital Voice TrackerVT 7700 VOICE TRACKER

  • One or two channels of recording via the Sound Blaster on an existing office or home computer.
  • Compatible with any telephone system - digital or analog, telephone line or telephone instrument. 
  • Can be utilized to record from a 2-way radio or scanner.
  • Is easily installed as a background program on your existing PC.
  • Intense audio signal processing to "bring up" the soft talkers.
  • Provides days of recording capability with instant recall.
  • Compatible with Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP Pro operating systems.
  • Voice activated recording provides minimum storage requirements.
  • Automatically records ( or on/off record software switch available) and just click to play, no passwords needed. 
  • Systems are inexpensive, and self installed. 
  • Supplied with the every 15 second, "you are being recorded" beep tone.
  • You will need... A Pentium 11 or higher computer, Windows operating system; A Sound Blaster sound card; 128 meg or higher RAM; 250mb cache memory; 10 GB or larger hard drive; CDR Drive; monitor; mouse; and keyboard.
  • Order Factory direct or from an RPT franchised distributor or dealer.